Are you a highly involved individual? Join Global Shapers Cluj-Napoca Hub

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Do you think it is time to take matters into your own hands? Do you truly believe you can make a difference? Are you not yet 30 years old and do you strongly believe our youth deserves a seat at the decision table?  And most important, Do you focus on the things that matter? 

Then meet us. Email us at with your application package containing few words about yourself, your day-to-day, your CV and Statement of Purpose answering the question: “How are you committed to improving the state of the world?” Answers can be submit in any form (written, drawing, video, etc)

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

Cluj Napoca Hub:

Meet the Global Shapers Cluj Hub. Part of the GS Community and the broader WEF family, we are a team of friends who still believe in changing the world. For the better.

We are connected by our passion for WOW ! and our drive to giving back to the City of Cluj.

For us, being a shaper is about Standing for your values and improving the state of the world by focusing on the things that matter.


Find out more about Global Shapers Cluj Hub Here:

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